Where and why did we get our name, do you ask?

Racing 4 Rights, The Troy Bostick Foundation was started out of a love for helping others as a
way of remembering Troy, who loved everyone he came across. Although, Troy was born with
many medical, physical and mental disabilities, he still had a contagious smile and
unconditional love that few have. He was always trying to help others.

Troy loved racing and especially Jeff Gordon, or "2" "4" as he called him. It was from this love for
racing that Racing 4 Rights received it's name. We want to advocate and "race" for the rights of
those with disabilities.
Who we are

We are a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) foundation, who is a resource for financially for everything from
appointments, hotel expenses, Adult Day Training and health care costs.
What do we do

Recently, the state of Florida's revenue has been reduced and as a result funding for those with
disabilities has been reduced as well. As the waiting list for Florida services grows, it is our
goal to assist those with disabilities to promote integration and choice while achieving
social, emotional and intellectual growth.

We are looking for businesses to partner with our foundation to help provide these resources to
the community at large. We have Adult Day Programs that are willing to partner with us to
provide reduced fee services to the community.
Racing 4 Rights, The Troy Bostick
Foundation, Corp.

Go Tell It on the Mountain was Troy's favorite
Christmas Song. When in church, he had to
have the hymnal open to it, no matter what
song was being sung or time of year.